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Project Description

You can trust CBMS to handle every aspect of your commercial landscape service’s needs:

  • Beautify:
    Landscape and plantscape design and installation, retaining walls, renovation and restoration
  • Maintain appearance:
    Mowing, pruning, trimming, raking
  • Reduce environmental impact:Green commercial landscape options
  • Keep it healthy:
    Irrigation design, installation and repair

Control pests:
Integrated Pest Management system
With our sustainable options, we’ll keep your commercial landscaping beautiful! Our ecologically responsible weed and grass killers, insect controls, and nutrient-rich fertilizers maintain plant and soil health organically.

Pest Control
CMBS offers Integrated Pest Management Services, for effective pest control without harmful pesticides. IPM is safer and usually less costly, with a focus on reducing sources of food, water and shelter for pests in and around your facilities.

Snowstorm Maintenance
For complete peace of mind, let us handle your snow removal, de-icing, plowing and sweeping needs, too. When we say we are a single source provider of all your facility maintenance needs we really mean it!

Project Details