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Complete Building Maintenance Solutions. Only 1 Point of Contact.

CBMS Inc is the fastest growing building management company in the Pacific Northwest, facilitating janitorial and several additional maintenance services for every client. But we do more than just manage maintenance services for commercial facilities – At CBMS we prides ourselves on being a partner that helps you save time and solve problems!

Want to know what makes us different? The difference is you! We represent the client!

With CBMS, you’re not choosing between multiple maintenance companies; you’re choosing between the same thing you’ve always had, and an improved way of handling your janitorial and other maintenance services. You’re choosing a company that will become an extension of your management team with the ability to reduce the time and stress associated with managing your janitorial and other maintenance vendors.

I mean think about, why continue to hire one maintenance company after another, resulting in the same problems, when you can hire a company that is committed to reducing your stress level and saving you time by managing all those services for you? This is what we do and we do it well! You are good at what you do, no reason to wear more hats than you have to anymore!

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